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Posted 1 year ago

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We believe that the future of cloud computing and developer tools is still unwritten. This role is for a person who wants to define that future. We are focused on helping developers find the best APIs, managed services and tools for the job, no matter which cloud they call home. 

The Manifold marketplace has many independent SaaS developer tools, like databases, logging services, SMS, machine learning, and more. We make it easy for developers to build apps in the cloud, and for cloud service providers to reach customers. That's growing well, but the most promising angle right now is that we also make it easy for anyone to integrate a customized developer tool marketplace into their business, facing internally or externally.

We are looking for a VP of Product Management who is excited about the developer tool and cloud computing ecosystem. You deeply understand APIs, CI/CD, the major cloud platforms and everything in between. You are someone with management experience and a proven product methodology. You build effective teams, but are capable of doing as much work yourself as is needed. You lead by example and ship the right features to the right customers at the right time.

You'll love to work with the intelligent, kind, productive, and inspiring people who are already part of the team. Many of us have strong ties to the open-source world, and have experience building tools at companies like npm, Heroku, Red Hat, and Canonical.


What you'll do


Lead our product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Work with the entire company to shape, refine, and communicate the broad outcomes we must achieve. Coordinate the vision with our business strategy. Empower the Manifold team to define and execute the output, tasks, features, and products that deliver the most value to our customers. Track our high-level external and internal commitments.

Inform and guide the company with data and analytics. Collaborating with the design and marketing teams, grow and manage scalable and repeatable processes for customer development, user research, usability testing, market analysis, and forecasting.

Grow a product team. Build an excellent, continually improving product group. Facilitate the creation of a product-centric customer support team.

Foster cross-team communication and processes so that the product organization empowers the rest of the company with data, passion, alignment, and autonomy.

What you'll need


Technically credible. You have extensive experience with dev tools and technical communities. If you have worked as a professional developer, and can still put together an app on the cloud, that would be excellent.

Experienced. We require at least 7 years experience working in product management in some capacity, with significant management experience. Direct experience with managing marketplaces and/or SaaS developer products would be particularly valuable. If you've helped grow an organization from tens to hundreds of people, that would be amazing.

An expert listener, synthesizer, and storyteller. You can tell a story back that's better than the ones you heard, in words and/or pictures.

Remote-friendly. You'll need experience building and working with a distributed team.

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