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Posted 4 months ago

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Seeking a design researcher who wants to help make the next version of the Internet clear, understandable, and inclusive.

As a Protocol Labs User Experience Designer, besides building useful and usable open source products, websites, and protocols, you’ll also help build our user-centered design research practice and promote best practices in a part of the technology stack that doesn’t always get enough design love (protocols and networking). Why is this amazing? Because design is the killer app for crypto and the distributed web, and our mission is to improve humanity’s most important technology: the Internet. We can’t do it without user-centered designers like you! We have a rare opportunity to research and build at the core of how the Internet could work, and make its next version easier to use and more inclusive.

Some challenges you could work on include:

  • What does identity verification look like in a decentralized system?

  • How do trust and trust systems manifest in systems where people are exchanging data, instead of relying on centralized systems, and how should we design for that?

  • Technologies and protocols like IPFS let you distribute identical copies of your data across a dynamic, scalable network of peers (instead of relying on a centralized cloud). How should a UI communicate to users what ‘sharing on the Internet’ means in the future?

  • How could systems support stewarding data together in such a system?

  • What does a UI kit look like for distributed web apps, and what changes (if any) should we make for the different ways people might interact with the distributed web?

  • We have to talk about this brave new world in ways that humans can understand. How should we build those instructional and communication touchpoints, from websites to tutorials to API docs to GitHub READMEs?

Working with a User Experience Design Lead, You'll:

  • Show persistent commitment to thoughtful, inclusive, and ethical user research.

  • Deliver whatever’s needed to guide development — this could include wireframes, sitemaps, flowcharts, storyboards, or user stories.

  • Participate in user interviews, usability testing, and design workshop facilitation (remote and in-person).

  • Create written materials and visual presentations that are accessible to non-experts but that are legally and technically accurate.

  • Incorporate user research into agile development sprints, coordinating with visual and content designers, developers, and product managers to achieve a strategic vision.

  • Show your process transparently in open source communities such as GitHub, or have an interest in learning how to do this.

  • Tell us about what you do! You don’t have to experience in 100% of these responsibilities, and we’d like to hear about your unique perspective on this role.


  • Excellent community-facing and internal communication skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrated user-centered experience design research expertise

Bonus Points

  • Experience in at least one other design discipline such as front end design, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, or service design.

  • Experience working in collaborative, open environments (such as open source communities).

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