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Posted 1 year ago

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About Sourceress

Our mission is to help people find work that matters. We believe that the world is better when people understand the opportunities available to them. Our human-assisted AI platform delivers great results to our customers (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing").

Because of this, we raised $3.5M from OpenAI researchers and Lightspeed Venture Partners at one of the highest ever valuations coming out of YC. Our team has previously sold companies, published machine learning research, has Dropbox's former Chief of Staff, and hails from MIT, Google, Airbnb, McKinsey, etc.

Help us create a world where all 7 billion people work at jobs that they love, do things that they’re great at, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems.


    • Solve the most important problems facing the business (generally by writing software, but not always!)
    • Minimize the complexity of the software that we create and maintain.
    • Continually improve your own software engineering skills (whether via side projects, classes, or whatever else works for you)
    • Help develop our team of talented engineers by mentoring, collaborating on projects and providing detailed code / architecture reviews.

Sample projects

    • For detail-oriented engineers that love to build beautiful and highly correct products: we have greenfield customer-facing product work. These users depend on and love Sourceress, and are eager to help improve the product and provide feedback to your work.
    • For engineers that love rapid prototyping and hate CSS: we have a variety of products for our highly-trained internal contracting team. These are critical to the magical feeling of our product and often require creative solutions and complex interfaces.
    • For engineers who love data, systems, and infrastructure: we're also building a distributed model training and model scoring system. Because we care about all of the candidates in the world, we run into quite interesting infrastructure scaling problems that most startups would not hit they were much larger. As a result, a relatively small number of engineers get to solve “large” infrastructure problems end-to-end.
    • For engineers interested in machine learning, we have a variety of interesting problems touching a huge variety of sub-fields: NLP, deep learning, interpretability, fairness, graph-based learning, entity resolution, and much more are all relevant to our work. Engineers without prior experience but interest in learning can and will be taught the relevant skills.
    • For those engineers who care about clean code, developer tooling and productivity: we pride ourselves on exceptional developer tooling, and are constantly investing in our internal tools. For example: we've created a method that that allows us to attach a debugger to any process that has encountered an unexpected exception, even in production. This tool (we call it the Platinum Debugger) eliminates the time-consuming and often difficult step of reproducing the bug for about 90% of our bugs, vastly improving our productivity.


    • 3+ years of software engineering experience.
    • You’re an effective executor. You understand both the value of shipping quickly and of software craftsmanship, and have the judgment to know when to apply each. You’re capable, focused, and productive.
    • You’re cognizant of the multi-year consequences of your decisions.
    • You’r dependable. You do high-quality work, on time.
    • You’re incredibly smart.


    • Typescript (react)
    • Type-annotated Python 3 (django, scikit-learn, pytorch)
    • PostgreSQL
    • AWS 
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