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Posted 4 months ago

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We are looking for a highly motivated audio expert to join us in our mission to transform how humans work and collaborate together.

In this role, you are responsible for developing the audio streaming part of HoloMeeting. You will make sure that we have high quality audio on all Windows devices, including old hardware. You are leveraging low level audio APIs such as WASAPI to reduce latency during audio capture and balance the buffer to provide robust audio even over mobile connections. 

You will be involved in new audio features, e.g. real-time speech-to-text and language translation utilising our server infrastructure. 

Responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Development of low-latency audio pick-up using low level APIs such as WASAPI

  • Optimisation of audio processing (e.g. AEC & background noise filters, etc.) 

  • Real-time speech-to-text processing using cloud technologies (e.g. Microsoft Cognitive Services) 


  • 3+ years audio programming experience 

  • Deep knowledge of low level APIs (WASAPI, etc.) 

  • C++ audio programming

  • Strong C#/.NET skills 

  • Good understanding of streaming audio (latency, buffers, containers, etc. )

  • Experience with AECs, Noise Suppression, AGC, etc.


  • Ideally knowledge of Unity game engine

  • Photon Networking

  • Experience working with cloud-based systems and/or local servers including, but not limited to: web-based protocols, REST APIs, and sockets

  • Experience with real-time communications technologies (VoIP or media streaming), WebRTC, audio stacks on different platforms (WASAPI, OpenSLES, CoreAudio, Oboe, etc.), RTP, RTCP, SIP, etc.

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services or similar

Work Environment

We are a startup and this job operates in a remote environment. Candidates should have flexible working hours to accommodate this role and the company growth. We do not intend to work longer than necessary, however, we are looking for people who get things done when necessary.  

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