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Posted 4 months ago

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TL;DR; * Backend Ruby position in an Startup * 7.5/5 - work week, 3 months notice * Make a difference * 😄😍🤓❤️🎉🤗 - culture

The long version 👇

You're dream job;

Work day-to-day with a small Ruby team that are focusing on the backend part of the application.

The challenges you want to work with is security, performance and scalability. You will be doing this by maintaining and extending an Ruby on Rails app that is build with Heroku and Postgres, that get more and more request since the company is doing well and get more and more customers.

The company is so small so your voice is heard and you are making a difference. That said, the company has a clear goal and knows where it wants to go.

Good developer experience is a crucial part of delivering features fast, so you want the company to understand that the simplicity of Heroku is more important then possibilities you get with Kubernetes.

There exist different tools for different jobs, so in addition we use ElasticSearch, AWS S3, Twilio and other SaaS services to delivery business results faster. We also integrate with some customers, so even if we use AWS Internally, we integrate with Azure and other Cloud providers, to give as much value to our customers as possible, as long as we follow a standard and do not create custom integration that is only valuable for one customer.

Sound like something for you?

We are a a startup, currently 18 people, most of the people work on the tech side, in addition to the backend team we have a 3 other teams, Web, Android and iOS.

We have a based in Oslo, Norway, but our team is spread across 5 countries and even more nationalities.

We embrace a Norwegian culture, meaning that you will work 7,5 hours, 5 days a week. We love our jobs, but your family is more important, so a healthy work-life balance is important.

We also have a 3 month notice period, that works both ways for our remote workers. Meaning you know you will have a 3 months of work, even if we have to downscale. But you will have work for a much longer time, we are scaling up, not down

We expect you to raise your voice if you disagree, then we discuss it, and when we are finished discussion we all stand behind that decision.

If you think we are on to something please apply :)

If not; Good luck - there it's a lot of great companies to work remote for you will find your dream job soon


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