Senior Level Developer / Programmer - Lots of JavaScript


Node.js Angular React React Native

Posted 4 months ago

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Are you passionate about software development? Do you stay current with emerging technologies? Do you know how entrepreneurs and startups think? Do you have a "whatever it takes" fanatical attitude towards success?

If you answered "no" or "kinda" to any of the previous 4 questions... stop now, you're not a right fit. If you answered an emphatic yes, then we want to talk with you.

SerpicoDEV is a software development services company. We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. We provide software development and digital product development services offered as project based, dedicated teams, or supplemental staff augmentation. We provide entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses reliable, quality, and cost-effective software development services by treating clients like valued partners.

We are a growing company seeking hungry and motivated senior-level software engineers and architects. Long hours and lots of pressure... but HIGHLY rewarding to anyone with a "burn the ships - get it done" mentality". This could be the last place you ever work!

We code in a wide variety of languages and platforms. Most work is done in Node.js, React, and Angular, and React Native. We also do work in Python and Java. We work with AWS and Azure. We provide our clients services ranging from mobile apps and web apps, to system integrations and API integrations, to machine learning and A.I. (mostly predictive analytics).

This position is for a full-time senior level engineer / architect to work from home. Most excitingly, you will work on a wide variety of super exciting projects and motivated entrepreneurs.

This position is not for the faint of heart, looking to cruise by 40 hours per week. This is a highly rewarding position for someone looking to make a difference and excel to heights that will absolutely define your career. We have ZERO turnover of employees at SerpicoDEV, because it is the most interesting company you will ever work at.

Please submit resume and salary requirements. We prefer to work with developers in Mexico.


Coding - Lots of lots of coding. We mostly code in Node.js, React, and Angular, and React Native. We also do work in Python and Java.


  1. LOVE to code
  2. LOVE to learn new things
  3. LOVE a challenge - BIG challenges


Depending on Experience

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