Senior Java Engineer


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Posted 4 months ago

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About the job

We are lookng for a Senior Java Engineer who is passionate about designing and creating wonderful software systems using Java and other backend technologies.

Minimum qualifications

  • 6+ years Java development experience.

  • Good knowledge of Spring, JPA / Hibernate, service discovery and REST.

  • Strong Java / Java SE experience and a sound understanding of Java container internals (Tomcat and/or Jetty).

  • Good knowledge of ElasticSearch, MySQL and AWS / Google Cloud

  • Has experience working on a team and collaborating

  • Fluent in English


  • Design, develop and maintain complex, shared Enterprise Java services – security, logging, common APIs and enforcing coding standards.

  • Design, enhance and maintain Spring components such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, Spring Data and Spring Security.

We are looking for an Engineer who:

  • Passionate and proven in-depth experience in SOLID and Clean code principles

  • A passion for Quality. You want to be part of the team to produce highest quality software products.


  • Work Wherever You Want

  • Vacations and Paid Holidays

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