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Posted 4 months ago

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 Sulvo is looking for an experienced Copywriter with a passion for storytelling to join the creative team. In this role, you’ll work closely with our partner success and product groups to develop big ideas and creative concepts, and craft compelling messaging to effectively communicate complex ideas to the market. The ideal candidate is a top-notch communicator, expert collaborator, and natural wordsmith with an advertising agency, blog or B2B SaaS background.

In this role, you will be helping to deliver Sulvo’s brand to the market.

What’s needed:

  • Strong communication, both verbal and written

  • 100% Self-starter mentality

  • Willingness to put in the work and be part of an elite team.

  • Ability to create content that resonates with global B2B audiences.

  • With multiple teams, develop a content plan, including key activities and budgets to support the retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers.

  • Deliver amazing content for the plan you have developed that will extend Sulvo's brand in the market.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Flexible and a true self-starter, doesn't take anything for granted and a boss is not needed to get the job done while being precise and getting the work done right.

  • Has a proven track-record of delivering high-quality work and showing a high level of responsibility for all tasks.

  • If asked, then capable of providing references of past co-workers.

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