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Posted 3 months ago

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We are a mature profitable company with a SAAS product used by 100s of ecommerce companies worldwide and impact 100Mโ€™s of users monthly. The company product includes product recommendations, triggered emails, content personalization and visitor segmentation and targeting.

The job includes developing new features and improving existing ones in the existing PHP server side and Javascript and jQuery client side environments. It requires learning and understanding our platform which includes algorithms, MySQL/ Dynamodb databases. Integrations with other systems, functionalities such as webhooks, feed processing, batch jobs email triggering, management panel and dashboards and further improving and developing them. We will teach you everything you need to know about the system but you are expected to work independently and be self motivated. Eventually we expect you to become an expert in the system and be responsible for future development. In the long run you will also learn the system architecture including load balancing, security, routing, provisioning etc.. and will be partially responsible for keeping it running when other people responsible are not around. You will work with the Developer/CTO who developed it from scratch.


At least 5 years of experience in PHPp and Javascript with proven track record Experience in developing web applications Experience in databases (SQL and NOSQL)

Ownership attitude and โ€˜never give upโ€™ state of mind Fast learner and not afraid of challenges Self sufficient and able to work alone


  • Worldwide
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