Infrastructure Engineer

GraphHopper GmbH

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Posted 3 months ago

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Right now, we are looking for a project based position for our operations. Like the whole team you can work from anywhere. This is an opportunity for you to work and influence a fast growing SaaS service. You’ll work on our GraphHopper Directions API infrastructure and lead the architecture discussions, as well as taking care of failures and complications related to our cloud offering. And furthermore improve the system through more automation and testing.

Required skills:

  • Develop software for our distributed systems and GraphHopper Directions API offerings
  • Ability to work with a remote team and speak in English
  • Active communication and discussion style
  • Preference to self-learning
  • Experience with automation (CI) and automate as much as possible


  • Experience with Linux cluster administration
  • Expertise with Ansible
  • Experience or ability to respond to operational issues
  • Expertise with bash or python scripting or Java
  • Bachelor or MS Degree in Computer Science

Additional information:

  • All team members take care of a good work-life balance
  • Competitive pay
  • You’ll be supported to speak about your work in blog posts or at conferences if you like
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