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Posted 1 year ago

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Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) Web Developer

Location:  Remote (Work from Home) or Arlington, VA

Do you want to work on a product that allows government organizations and businesses to host their own Google Earth globe? Open Google Earth Enterprise (Open GEE) allows organizations and businesses to take advantage of the same publicly available Google Earth capabilities, behind the firewall, in an offline/disconnected environment, or in low bandwidth areas. Joining the Thermopylae team, you’ll be helping to improve and promote Google Earth Enterprise as open source. After almost two years of maintenance updates, Google and Thermopylae have worked together to open-source Google Earth Enterprise and its components Fusion, Server, and Portable Server. Thermopylae is now leading the effort to take Open GEE to the next level for the GIS community. Check us out at:

Project Site   GitHub Site  

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a STEM related discipline, or relevant coursework in geographic information science

  • 4+ years Web development

  • 2+ years Python development

  • Experience deploying and supporting end-user software for an active user-base

  • Comfortable in Linux development and application environments

  • Experience with a range of web technologies (e.g. modern frameworks, REST, CSS, SSL, CORS, proxies, load-balancing, load-testing)

  • Able to adapt to a wide-range of tools. In a given day you could be working with bash, git, Ansible, Jenkins Pipeline, AWS, Nessus, or Gradle

Additional Experience Desired

  • Python libraries: Flask, Tornado, WSGI, Psycopg2

  • Google Maps API

  • Developing and deploying geospatial/mapping applications

  • Web frameworks: Vue, Typescript, Rollup, Webpack

  • Relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL/PostGIS)

  • Javascript unit and integration testing frameworks

  • Automation and continuous integration tools (e.g. Selenium, Jenkins)

  • C++ development

Job Duties

  • Expected to deliver new features, enhancements, and bug fixes working with your Scrum team.

  • Expected to write unit tests, integration tests, and smoke tests along with application code.

  • Responsible for the end-to-end delivery of software.

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