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Posted 1 year ago

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We are looking to add a full stack JavaScript developer to our engineering team. You would be part of a small team that is responsible for building out our latest product, which is currently in the design phase.

What we value

  • Clean code - We believe the key to moving fast is to write simple, maintainable code, and that the time spent refactoring to a simpler solution pays for itself many times over.
  • Autonomy - We are a small team with minimal process, so we look for people who can take ownership of features from inception through to production deployment.
  • Code reviews - We believe code review is important for both maintaining the standard of our code and as a way to share knowledge and best practices throughout the team.
  • Working at a sustainable pace

About Addjust

+AddJust is a software company dedicated to building products that modernise how contractual processes are administered on construction projects. Our HQ is in Co. Clare, on the West Coast of Ireland, and we are backed by NDRC and Enterprise Ireland.


This is a list of the technologies we use. You do not have to match this skillset exactly. If you have experience shipping web software for a number of years, we're more than happy to teach you on the job.

  • TypeScript - For all frontend and backend code.
  • React - For our web applications (All new code is written using Hooks).
  • Apollo Client - To connect our frontend react components to our graphql backend.
  • Postgraphile - To generate a secure graphql schema from our postgresql database.
  • Postgresql - For our relational database
  • Firestore - For our real time messaging
  • Jest - For unit tests on the frontend and backend.
  • Cypress.io - For integration testing.
  • Flutter - Our mobile application is written in Flutter
  • CircleCI - For our CI/CD server.
  • AWS - Hosting.

This is a remote position. We are looking for a 40 hour per week commitment, but if you would prefer to do a 32 or 24 hour week that could be an option for the right candidate. There would need to be at least 4 hours overlap with a 9:00am - 5:00pm window in GMT.


  • Worldwide
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