Full-stack Software Engineer (web-focused)

suture digital, LLC

javascript react elixir frontend

Posted 4 months ago

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suture digital is a software design + development consultancy.

We work with startups or large companies who need software designed and / or engineered.

We build apps from scratch sometimes - other times we take a "tech doctor" approach to fixing slow and buggy pre-existing codebases.

At suture, we're capable of handling the entire process of software engineering, and as such we are seeking software engineering generalists - mostly web focused - to add to our team.


Applicants should have ~3+ years of experience, majority remote, with a track record of shipping and ability to self-manage to a reasonable degree.

We are ideally looking for someone with excellent command of both front-end (mostly React+ES6) and back-end (Node, Rails, Elixir) technologies. You should know your way around a unix environment comfortably. We expect that you have a good bit of experience with modern Javascript / ES6.

Elixir, GraphQL, Elm and ReasonML are all huge pluses! We like functional programming a lot.

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