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Posted 3 months ago

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Support Products builds the user interfaces and backend infrastructure that lets Stripe users talk to Stripe teams thousands of times every day. Businesses that run on Stripe, from fledgling upstarts to household names, place significant trust in Stripe to accelerate their success. This makes our user-facing teams, and the software layer that connects them with users, mission-critical: users need fast, accurate, contextualized answers to their questions, 24/7, over phone, chat, and email.

The Support Products engineering team builds and improves Stripe’s support experience including paid support offerings, from end to end: how users get help within our products, how they get in touch with us when they have questions, and how our teams use internal tools to answer those questions. We’re accountable for the quality and reliability of this support stack and we use data and firsthand user research to continuously improve it. We’re a small, distributed team of capable, friendly, user-oriented engineers and we partner closely with Stripe’s world-class design, product, infrastructure, and operational teams. Providing great support to users of all sizes is culturally important to everyone at Stripe.


You will: * Build, operate, and improve support products for all of Stripe’s users from one-person startups to Premium Support users and large enterprises. * Work side-by-side with user-facing teams to understand their needs, develop short-term and long-term solutions, and deploy those solutions across our global 24/7 support operation. * Own problems from end to end, managing complexity and engaging directly with stakeholders to think through everything from business impact, to reliability and operability, to the pixel-perfection of individual support interactions. * Uphold Stripe’s high standards for engineering and product quality and mentor newer team members to do the same.

You might work on: * Building engaging, responsive user interfaces that make it truly enjoyable to get help from Stripe. For example, we used React to build a chat UI from the ground up so that it would feel truly at home in the Stripe Dashboard. * Scaling the contact platform that connects Stripe users with the teams that are best equipped to help them. This might involve implementing new API endpoints for use across multiple products, iterating on data pipelines to maximize visibility into our support operations, or adding to our billing pipeline so that we can offer paid support plans in new regions. * Improving the internal tools that empower our user-facing teams to build new case-solving workflows, publish dynamic, localized content to our user-facing support site, and answer every support request with the right context for any user.


You may be fit for this role if you: * Enjoy being a generalist, working on frontend, backend, infrastructure, data pipelines, or billing pipelines as needed to solve problems and delight our users. (You don’t need to be an expert in all of these but it helps to be interested in learning about them.) * Contribute high-quality code to create trustworthy and engaging user interfaces and resilient and operable backend systems. We build on top of storage and queueing systems, UI component libraries, and other foundations maintained by Stripe’s infrastructure teams and work mostly with Ruby, JavaScript (React), AWS, Terraform, Puppet, SQL, HTML, and CSS. (None of us are experts in all of these either.) * Seek out feedback from your users and empathetically advocate for them throughout the product development process. * Take pride in shepherding projects from ideation to completion, where completion often involves partnering with operational teams to carefully roll out changes that affect their workflows. * Thrive in a collaborative environment involving different functions, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

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