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Posted 4 months ago

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Hello there!

You should start out by watching this video I made JUST for this job-post:


Here I explain what we are doing in detail :)

Here is the text-version:

This is not your typical job-post, because guess what, we’re not a typical company. You see, at Likvido, we’re about to face some VERY interesting challenges, and we need you on our team to absolutely smash those challenges.

Since we launched Likvido in April 2018, we’ve absolutely killed it. Not only do we now have 500+ customers - among many of the hottest startups and scaleups in Denmark - we also managed to get very serious funding, have very good unit economics and built a really cool technical platform. However, we’re just getting started.

So what are we doing?

We are solving the biggest reason for companies going bankrupt in Europe. You see, 19 % of all invoices are paid late, and roughly half of all bankruptcies are caused by lack of cash.

Likvido is defining a new category we’re calling a “customer payment system”. Today you integrate Likvido with your accounting system, and then we automate sending out invoices, send our reminders, start debt collection and post back to the accounting system. Looking ahead, we will add financial products, give the whole organization access to our system and much more. In brief, we help companies get paid - on time - and forecast their cash flow.


The platform is ~12 months old. We have a big monolith ASP.NET MVC application, combined with 3 solid ASP.NET Core microservices. Everything is hosted in Azure and Github, and we use many of the Azure products, including Azure DevOps. Yeah, we’re a startup, but we do have hundreds and hundreds of tests.

The platform is built by me, the author (you thought it was an HR person writing all along, didn’t you?). I’ve studied at the Technical University of Denmark, and I have built this kind of stuff before - and trust me - the platform is solid and not burning.

We're a remote development team (2 people in Russia, 1 in Ukraine and then a bunch of freelancers).

The job:

We need to be a part of the full-time development team, and develop a lot of features. Some example features:

  • We need to launch internationally

  • Split our frontend and backend apartment, so we have a “real API”

  • We need to support ie multiple payment methods, data-providers, letter-senders, accounting systems

  • We need to professionalize our operations team (ie. full CD/CI, dashboards, application insights, logging)

  • Lots and lots of specific features our clients are screaming us for

We are in the situation that if we had out full 2019 roadmap ready, we could 10x our size because clients would use our product so much more. We have definetely hit product-market fit and just need great code.


We’re a quite realistic bunch at Likvido: you don’t need 8 years of experience in some JavaScript framework that was invented in 2015...

Instead, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Has 2-4+ years of experience as a developer in .NET technologies

  • Experience with building web-based platforms (ie MVC frontend and .NET in back)

  • You're a mature developer that tests your own code

  • Have a strong sense of scaleable architecture

So if you consider yourself a top .NET developer, please apply!

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