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AWS postgresql python AWS python AWS backend python java postgresql python

Posted 4 months ago

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About Sourceress

Our mission is to help people find work that matters. We believe that the world is better when people understand the opportunities available to them. Our human-assisted AI platform delivers great results to our customers (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing").

Because of this, we raised $3.5M from OpenAI researchers and Lightspeed Venture Partners at one of the highest ever valuations coming out of YC. Our team has previously sold companies, published machine learning research, has Dropbox's former Chief of Staff, and hails from MIT, Google, Airbnb, McKinsey, etc.

Help us create a world where all 7 billion people work at jobs that they love, do things that they’re great at, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems.


    • Accelerate our engineering team with great internal tooling. These will range from scripts and linters to much larger projects that support debuggability and faster iteration at all stages, from prototyping to production.
    • Improve release processes and tooling.
    • Build a battery of stable, high quality, high impact automated tests 
    • Move code quality from "pretty good" to "great" throughout the code base.


    • Strong background in writing elegant code, prioritizing testability and reusability
    • Enjoys building tools to enable engineers to move faster
    • You understand the value of software craftsmanship
    • You are empathetic, thoughtful, impact-driven, and intellectually curious


    • Type annotated Python 3 (django, scikit-learn, pytorch)
    • Typescript (react)
    • PostgreSQL
    • AWS 
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