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Posted 11 months ago

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A Mediocre Corporation is looking for extraordinary Data Scientists to work alongside our teams in order to provide analytical support to a variety of projects (for example: email targeting, business optimization, customer recommendations). You’ll be responsible for conducting advanced statistical analysis and working with cross functional teams of technical and non-technical members to help drive innovative business solutions. If this doesn’t sound like the most mediocre job in data science then we’d like to talk to you. But only if you’re an amazing rock star, or a ninja, or a zombie hunter, or whatever term all the cool recruiters are throwing around these days.

You can expect to conduct statistical analysis of big data sets to identify trends and provide actionable insights. You’ll be asked to measure the performance and results of various data experiments. You’ll also be working with our engineering team to help define and manage our big data infrastructure and to develop new products (including assisting with data architecture and modeling).

You’ll be expected to research new trends in the industry and utilize up-to-date technology and analytical skills to attack each project. Ideal candidates are those that have experience moving data projects forward by acquiring and converting data into useful formats when necessary.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Years of experience as a Data Scientist working closely with business stakeholders to give actionable insights.

  • Strong coding ability in Python, including experience with various data science libraries such as pandas.

  • Experience with a variety of data stores and technologies such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and InfluxDB.

  • Experience working with large data sets and distributed computing tools.

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