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Posted 4 months ago

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We are looking for an incredible customer marketer who can put their talent for customer storytelling and relentless curiosity and testing to use on our energetic marketing team. We have many stories to tell about the rapidly changing world of continuous performance management through our customers and how we’re helping to transform organizations to empower their employees and managers to be their best selves. We’re looking for a creative, self-motivated individual with a delightful combination of the following skills: marketing, customer advocacy, and content writing, video production, and influencer marketing.

Do you consider yourself a “people person?” Are you the type of person that loves connecting with others and sharing compelling stories? 15Five has a unique opportunity to expand our Marketing team in San Francisco, and we have over 1600 customers to learn and share their stories.


  • Build and lead 15Five’s customer marketing strategy cross-functionally throughout the business.

  • Conceptualize and evangelize the creation of a scalable customer marketing program by packaging and aligning key resources across our customers' success, sales and product organization.

  • Create and manage a proactive pipeline of customer reference points and opportunities to leverage them: case studies, webinars, speaking events, sales presentations, analyst briefings and more.

  • Oversee the tactical and editorial process of case study and video creation and ensure alignment of those materials to 15Five’s value propositions and exemplify success.

  • Contribute to the success of the Best Self Conference with customer content and presence.

  • Source, oversee the implementation of and manage technology and systems to support the customer marketing program, including a customer reference library.

  • Create and oversee the delivery of a customer advocacy/reference/referral/awards program.

  • Contribute and support opportunities for customers to engage and thrive (e.g., customer events, customer advisory boards, user groups, and executive roundtables). Leadership of these opportunities may be required.

  • Work with customer success, sales, and marketing operations to manage a customer contact process and frequency to maximize participation with 15Five to avoid the pitfalls of excessive or inappropriate communication.

  • Maintain accountability for the enablement of sales, marketing and product teams in the use of customer reference materials.

  • Spearhead customer success enablement including training and information between CS and Product on new features or product changes that impact our customers.

  • Oversee the allocation of budget and other resources for the customer marketing function.


  • 4 - 6 years previous B2B marketing experience with at least two years in a customer marketing role (preferably in SaaS or other high-growth technology company environment)

  • Exceptional organizational influence skills

  • Outstanding ability to empathize with customers, sales teams, executives and PR professionals

  • Excellent expertise in narrative storytelling, writing, and editing that is translatable across many mediums

  • Thorough understanding of sales and customer success processes

  • Previous brand, sales or PR experience a plus

  • Proven track record of driving a successful content strategy across channels


  • Action and results-oriented: rolls-up sleeves and tackles work head-on - no task is too small or insignificant for you

  • Proven ability and desire to work in a fast-paced, highly dynamic and collaborative environment

  • Never satisfied with the status quo – always looking for opportunities to improve

  • A strategy is not complete unless it includes metrics and clear definitions of success

  • Excellent communicator, collaborator, and creative thinker, with an ability to use data to inform all decisions

  • Team player who is enthusiastic about helping out across the team, and learning new skills within the marketing function

  • Experience driving measurable outcomes that demonstrate the impact of your work

  • High sense of urgency with the ability to prioritize competing initiatives

  • BS/BA degree required

  • Outgoing personality; desire for face-to-face conversations as opposed to relying solely on email and chat to communicate; examples of your ability to influence people that don’t report to you will be sought after

  • Able to work by the 15Five values and willing to bring their best self to work.

By the (6) Month Mark, You'll...

  • Have a healthy pipeline of case studies and videos in the works to be published

  • Have a customer reference program developed and internally launched

  • Meet with several customers and build relationships with key advocates

  • Increase social media presence and engagement with our customers

  • Set customer referral program strategy with stakeholders

  • Have identified ROI metrics for customer engagement advocacy programs with a system for tracking trends over time

By the (12) Month Mark, You'll...

  • Have consistent customer events schedule and strategy for engagement

  • Be growing group of advocates and thriving online community

  • Set Customer Advisory Board that meets consistently and can provide feedback throughout the year regarding different facets of 15Five

  • Identify customer references in all target industries to speak with media, prospects, and analysts

  • Help increase NPS in collaboration with other teams

About 15Five

15Five is a continuous performance management solution that helps employees grow and develop, in just 15 minutes each week. We offer a robust and intuitive set of features including weekly check-ins, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee performance, including continuous feedback, objectives tracking (OKR), recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360° reviews. 15Five is the most popular performance management software out of 246 vendors, and a Top 50 Fastest Growing Product on G2Crowd, with over 1,900 forward-thinking companies using the solution to bring out the best in their people.

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