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Posted 1 year ago

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Owl Labs is hiring a Content Marketer to join the Marketing & Growth Team. The ideal person has serious content creation muscle and loves to write. You also might have an interest in design, video, animation or all of the above.

Expect to use your creativity to build anything from thought leadership articles, website and ad copy, clickbait content, social campaigns, videos (both informative and ridiculous), and potentially even PR and media relations programs.

Owl Labs’ mission is to solve a problem we’ve all experienced: meetings suck, and they are especially painful for the remote participants on the other side of the call. Considering the rapid growth in remote and distributed work, this is a perfectly timed problem for Owl Labs to solve. The market is hungry for products and content that make remote and distributed work better.

With $22.3M funding from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, and Playground Global, Owl Labs has created the Meeting Owl, a 360° smart video conferencing camera that sits in the center of the table and uses robotics algorithms to automatically highlight different people as they talk. After launching the product in June 2017, thousands of companies have purchased the Meeting Owl, saying it offers the most natural and inclusive meeting experience they’ve ever seen.
In this role, you will impact some of the company’s most important goals.

Your metrics will include:

* Traffic - What content can we build to attract our target customer?
* Social Reach - How can we use social channels to build our audience?
* Brand / Awareness - How do we grow branded search on our website and Amazon?

Career opportunity:

* Gain experience in a venture-backed startup and have direct impact on its success.
* See how the entire business is run, and own some of the most essential metrics at the company.
* Bring big ideas and hustle, and you’ll see the tangible impact of your work in dollars and cents.

The best candidates will have:

* A strategic problem solver’s mind, always thinking about what we can do next.
* A love and passion for writing.
* Creative content superpowers like writing, designing and/or video
* An analytical mind and ability to use data to identify trends and make smart decisions
* Hustle muscle and love for exceeding goals
* A “no job is too small” mentality
  • Empathy for the remote worker

Application requirements:

* Bachelor's degree
* 1-4 years of experience in a content creation role or full-time co-op/internship
* Published work anywhere, even if it's your own blog.

Owl Labs is 33% remote and headquarters are based in Somerville, MA. This role can be either an on-site or remote position. Please specify in your application. 
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